Everything You Need To Know About Breast Augmentation

If you are ready for that dream makeover that you deserve, here are some things to know before you go ahead with the procedure.

Your First Breast Augmentation Surgery Will Be Followed By Another

Although most of us do not know, the implants that you are planning to get will have to be replaced at some point of your life. Do know that the implants would not last a lifetime. This will take around a decade after your initial surgery. This is because the implants tend to leak over time and a scar could develop as well.

Decide On the Perfect Size before the Surgery

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You will have to discuss about the perfect size for your breast implants with your surgeon. You will have to take the size of the rest of the body into consideration along with your body type, the balance of the physical appearance as well. There are “sizers” that are available at the surgeon’s office for you to get an idea about the perfect size of the implants you wish to get.

What You See Right After the Surgery Is Not the Final Outcome

In order to compare the before and after results, you will have to take several pictures of the implants during the first several days. Once you have taken these pictures repeat the same procedure after two and a half weeks to three or four weeks. You will be able to see a great difference. The implants tend to change during the first several weeks. Do not get demotivated by the outcome during the first few weeks. Compare the pictures you have taken and get an idea about the impressive change.

You Will Have to Deal With Feeling A Bit Blue

There is a chance that you will have to go through a small period of depression during the first several weeks. You might also feel like that implants were a huge mistake and the pain might even play a serious part in it. But as the second week starts, you will see that things are getting much better.

You Might Have To Put the Gymming on Hold

You will be advised not to lift or move a lot of things during the first several weeks. This means your exercise session will have to be put on hold for a while. If you have been depending on the gym to keep your calories at bay, you might experience a bit of weight gain. Do not get discouraged at all about this temporary weight gain. You can try out baggy clothing for the first several weeks.

Know That You Are Unique

Just because you were inspired by Kate Upton or Salma Hayek, it does not mean the final results would look exactly the same. Know that your body is unique and the structure of the body is unique too. Therefore the final results might not look exactly the way you wanted it to look like. Look at the final results subjectively and look at the entire picture so that you will your results are not so bad.

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