Party-Planning? Tips To Help You Through

Party planning or event planning, whatever you want to call it, involves the combination of a whole lot of skills and multi-tasking, so if you are thinking of getting into it, you should know that it is not the sort of job you can ‘chill’ with. It is an event planner’s responsibility to tailor each occasion according to each client, ensuring they do their best at all times, to deliver exceptional results. Responsibility is key, and good work will help you build a sound portfolio to base future work on. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Stress Less

It is near impossible not to stress when you have 50 million people calling you at the same time, but learning not to stress over every little thing early on will help cement your career. Stressed-out party planners are not good party planners, because stressing hampers your decision-making abilities; and sometimes you will have to make last-minute decisions. Your client will not feel comfortable or confident of the event if you keep flipping, so try to keep it together. You should be able to assure the client that all is well, and if not, you should work with them to bring everything back in order.

Network All the Time

Certain professions command more social interaction than others, and this is one of them. In fact, every moment, every meeting is a networking opportunity, although you should use your good sense to determine whether they are right for you. Have an initial pitch at the ready, so you can always give someone a short description of what you do when asked. Networking also helps you find that extra event photographer or new band in town. You need to develop a solid database as you go on, especially if you plan on embarking down this road as a career.

Stay Organized

Otherwise you are just going to dig yourself an impossibly deep pit down the line. From day one, stay organized. Keep everything within easy reach. You may be dealing with several different events at once, and you must keep every little detail clear. Your clients will not appreciate you fumbling for answers when questioned, and they most certainly will not have faith in your services. Invest in organizers and such items so you can make all your notes and set reminders the way you need.

People Skills

No matter how efficient you may be at putting things together, it is all quite useless if you cannot interact well with people. People skills are mandatory, and definitely a must in this sort of job. You will be dealing and negotiating with people from all walks of life, so you should also learn how to tackle problems and issues that arise in a way that will easily mitigate things for everyone. The aim is to never let the audience see how much work has gone behind the scenes. If the show itself is smooth, the work speaks for itself. A badly-organized event is immediately recognizable, and that is not the impression you want to create.

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