Things to do on a Casual Day out in Melbourne

Melbourne is not known as exactly an inexpensive city to visit. Many of the tourist attractions in the city are rather expensive. But that doesn’t mean you cannot casually hang about without breaking the bank. Here are several ideas for spending a casual day or a weekend in Melbourne on a budget:

Visit the Melbourne Zoo

It’s mostly the kids that go to visit the Melbourne zoo, but that doesn’t mean adults can’t enjoy it as well. It’s Australia, but the Melbourne zoo is less famous for kangaroos and is much better known for butterflies and elephants. The zoo’s butterfly room is a sight to behold. The zoo is also home to a family of adorable elephants with babies who have ears like Dumbo. In the summer, the zoo has a breathtaking event called the Twilights program. Anyone can definitely enjoy a laze evening here. There are even spots to picnic at. The zoo also holds events nearly all the time for guests so you’ll never be bored.

Go to an Authentic Chinese Teahouse

Yes, you can visit an authentic Chinese teahouse in Melbourne. It’s called the Oriental Tea House and it gorgeously recreates the experience of sipping traditional tea in actual China. This won’t be the typical visit to a Chinese eatery, mind you. The food here is made the traditional way. The signature dumplings and yum cha are handmade and not thawed out of an industrial freezer. You can enjoy meals with an array of reinvigorating Chinese herbal tea. You can enjoy a truly indulgent evening here.

Go Karaoke Signing

Tired of walking around in the city? Then grab your buddies and head off to a karaoke bar to have a blast singing or lip-synching. Places like Charlton’s are known to be great for karaoke and pool. You can sing as much as you want without embarrassing yourself.

Catch a Concert at the Forum

The grandiose Forum looks like it belongs in a historical site. But this former church is now a well-known live music venue. A number of world famous artists have played there over the years. Even if you don’t like the music, the Forum is a beauty to look at. The ceiling is designed to look like a star-studded night sky. You can marvel at the cerulean colour. The stars are represented by small lights that really work their magic. The high walls of the Forum look like something out of the Game of Thrones. If you can’t find anything to do, hanging out here for the evening will do just fine.

Check Out the Australian Centre for the Moving Image

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The Australian Centre for the Moving Image, called ACMI here, is hard to describe as one thing. It’s a mixture of a movie theatre, museum, a boutique store, and a massive exhibition venue. True to the name though, ACMI celebrates movies. You can watch screenings and also attend exhibitions that focus on a famous actor or a director. And the venue is not limited to just movies and shows; if you are a gamer, you can play games in there too at the Games Lab. The boutique store has video game souvenirs to buy as well.

Next time you are in Melbourne, you can chill with any of the above.

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